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Welcome to our class page! smiley

The class caterpillars are settled in their new home for over the Easter holidays! Keep an eye on this page for hatching updates.

Butterfly Watch #1

Mrs Marshall narrates as the butterflies begin emerging

Butterfly Watch #2

Mrs Marshall pretending to be Sir David Attenborough!

Butterfly Watch #3

The first butterfly shows off its beautiful wings

Butterfly Watch #4

After a quiet evening, the second butterfly has emerged in the last half an hour! Mrs Marshall is really keen to get the next one on video, keep your fingers crossed!

Butterfly Watch #5

Introducing our newest hatchee! 🦋

Butterfly Watch #6

The caterpillar who built its cocoon on the ground has started to hatch!

Butterfly Watch #7

Meet our newest hatcher- Lucky! 🦋

Butterfly Watch #8

Three butterflies have hatched, and two are still in their chrysalides.

Butterfly Watch #9

The full hatching of the fourth butterfly! 🦋

Butterfly Watch #10

All five butterflies have hatched! 🦋

Feeding the butterflies

Slicing up some fruit and mixing up the sugar and water nectar solution for the butterflies. It's important to refresh their food supply daily.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Still image for this video
Merry Christmas to all our wonderful families. We hope this video brings you a little bit of festive cheer!

Welcome to our virtual toy museum!

We have spent lots of time researching old toys. We then became curators and have written information fact labels about some of the objects. We even had a live presentation by our very own Mrs Taylor and her Barbie!

As we can not invite our family and friends into school to see our museum, we thought we would put it online. We made invitations to take home that advertised our museums and posters to show how to see it on this website. We hope you enjoy it.

School council elections

Our school council is elected very democratically and an election day was held in November.

We started the day by selected six candidates who wore a rosette for the whole of election day. Children joined campaign teams and made posters and rosettes. The candidates gave a short 'speech' saying why we should vote for them. Alongside this, we learnt about democracy in Great Britain.

In the afternoon of election day, every child took a trip to the election booths (real booths borrowed from York City Council) and placed their vote. The votes were counted and the winners announced in class.

Year 1 - Assemble! We loved our Superhero dress-up day

Germs Experiment

We planned an experiment to see why we use soap to wash our hands. We predicted what would happen when we put our finger in a bowl of pepper and what would change if we had soap on our finger. We then carried out the experiment. When we put our dry finger in the peppery water, the pepper stuck to our finger. We were amazed when we put our soapy finger into the water and the pepper scattered rapidly away. We discussed how important it is to use soap to get rid of germs, just like Florence Nightingale recommended.

We used real vegetables to create our very own Superveggies!

We've been creating and evaluating our own superhero masks.

We sewed them with a running stitch and tried them on for size!

Maths - We've been learning to represent numbers using a tens frame.