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Mrs Male teaches Year 2 MC all day on Monday, Tuesday and on a Wednesday morning. Mrs Clark takes over on Wednesday afternoon, then teaches all day on Thursday and Friday.

Autumn Term 2019

This term, we have been learning about London and the Great Fire of London. We have looked at maps of London and researched famous London landmarks before finding out about the Great Fire.

Fire Service Visit

We also had a visit from the North Yorkshire Fire Service. They spoke to the children about fire safety and gave us a tour of their fire engine!

Sir William Petty - A visitor from the Past

We had a visit from Sir William Petty who lived at the time of the Great Fire of London. He told us about what London was like in 1666 and the story of the Fire of London. We learnt about how the fire spread and pretended to be houses. We also learnt how to pass a bucket along a chain of people to put the fire out. Thank you to our Parent Association - Friends of Scarcroft School - who funded this experience.

Sir William gave us a special job to do. So much of London was destroyed in the fire. We have designed a new city plan. We included brick buildings and parks with ponds in them so there would be less chance of a fire in the future.

The Ancient Egyptians - Spring 2020

These are the fabulous Egyptian style neck collars we designed!

We wrote our names on papyrus using ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Can you read your name?