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Mrs Holton and Mrs Morris' Class

Welcome to Year 2!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our class teacher is Mrs Holton and on Thursday and Friday our class teacher is Mrs Morris Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Farrington and Mrs Gibb-Kirk will also work in our classroom.


This term our topic is Our Living World with a focus on animals. We started our topic with a mini project making habitat boxes for an animal we had chosen. Here are a few examples:


Our new topic is Ancient Egypt and we have had a fantastic start to the term with some investigations. 


First we learnt about Pyramids and completed a mathematical investigation about the number of bricks needed to build pyramids of different heights. 

We have already learnt about the way the Ancient Egyptians recorded numbers and how they wrote. We wrote our names in hieroglyphics on papyrus paper.
We then had an afternoon investigating and building pyramids from all types of different materials, as well as finding out some amazing facts about the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. The children showed great perseverance in this challenge.
We have learnt all about the mummification process. We carried out an experiment using the processes involved on a tomato! We scooped out the insides, cleaned it and covered it in Natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda). We will have to wait two weeks to see if the mummification has worked. We then wrapped a member of our group up like a mummy! The word mummy comes from mummia the glue which was used to secure the strips of cloth.
UPDATE: After two weeks we are pleased to say our mummification experiment has been a success! Our control tomato has gone disgustingly mouldy but our mummified tomatoes are still red but have dried out and gone wrinkly! Thank you to FoSS for funding the resources for this experiment, allowing us to really experience mummification in the classroom!


At the end of the autumn term we finished our Creative Arts Topic with a study of Georges Seurat. He developed a style called pointillism. We used felt tip pens to create our own pointillist pictures of York landmarks.


A busy start back with some firework fun. We have used shapes in Maths to make our own rocket pictures. We also made firework pictures using a special paper. We scratched off the black to reveal the colours underneath. We used lines of all different lengths to create some effective patterns. 

We have been working very hard on our handwriting. Here are some fantastic examples!


Our topic is London and The Great Fire of London. As part of this topic we are learning about fire safety and had a visit from the Fire Service. We all got to sit in the fire engine and find out about the different tools and equipment.

Sir William Petty - A visitor from the Past

We had a visit from Sir William Petty who lived at the time of the Great Fire of London. He told us about what London was like in 1666 and the story of the Fire of London. We learnt about how the fire spread and pretended to be houses. We also learnt how to pass a bucket along a chain of people to put the fire out. Thank you to our Parent Association - Friends of Scarcroft School - who funded this experience.


Sir William gave us a special job to do. So much of London was destroyed in the fire. We have designed a new city plan. We included brick buildings and parks with ponds in them so there would be less chance of a fire in the future.
We have made houses like the ones during the Fire of London in 1666. We used black strips to show the wooden beams. Some are already on fire!