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Hey lovelies!

I hope you have had a great holiday. The pictures above show you the classroom layout. It's not vastly different to how we've had it in the past, but the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that the drawer units from the back and side of the class have gone. I've moved them out simply to give us more space to spread the tables out. As you can see, you will be sitting in twos. 

Your parents will have had an email about starting times, but just so you know, our class has a nine o clock slot, which means that is the time you will be let in via the yellow mezzanine (half way up) door- the one that is near the new playground. From there I will take you up the yellow stairs to your lockers and on into the classroom for handwashing. Mrs Roper's class will be hot on our heels, as they come in at 9:10, so we'll have to get a wriggle on so that we don't clash with them! 

Our routine will be slightly different to what it was, as we are obviously starring slightly later and therefore our playtime will be slightly later at 10:55am. We will also have a slightly later lunch at 12:45pm, so my advice would be to bring a healthy snack to have at break time to keep you going until lunch! That's what I'm planning to do- on this weekend's job list is making oat and banana bites for just that purpose. 

Our finish time will be 3:20pm. If, because you are Y6 now, you will be walking home by yourself, that's fine so long as we have written permission from your parents to say that that is ok, so they can email or write to me or to the office. The current contact email for me is still

We will get it changed to say Y6 once we get back to school, but we need to make sure everyone knows about the change before we do it. 

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. 😄




Class Novel

Our class novel will be Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones. It's a cracking story set in a circus in Victorian London. 

You may wish to buy your own copy of the book. You don't have to, as we have some in school, but that is of course up to you and your parents. I've also got it on Kindle, so I can put it on the board for you too.