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Mr Roper's Class

Here we are ordering some fractions using concrete methods, then marking equivalent fractions with post-it notes.
Activities based on the Romans
We made papier mache volcanoes and then made them erupt!
We tried food that Roman people may have had for breakfast
We tried olives, dates, grapes, bread, olive oil, honey and fish paste (which represented garum, a seafood paste that Romans used in the same way that we use tomato ketchup now).
We acted out the events of 24th August 79AD when Vesuivius erupted near Pompeii.
We explored the remains of Pompeii on Google Maps

Activities based on Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

We used paint in spray bottles to imitate cave art..

....with amazing results!

Stone Age Boy

As part of our new mini topic on The Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitmura, we tried some different activities that stone age people might do.  We tried our hands at:

knapping some stone tools (or soap tools in this case!)

lashing together some sticks to make drying frames

making cave art

painting and threading some bones and beads for decoration and

setting up some camp fires (with sticks and coloured card).