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Today we tasted food from a typical Roman breakfast which was known as ientacalum.

It was a little different to the oats Celtic people would have been eating at the same time in Britain.


Today we have been building basic circuits and finding out what happens to the bulb when you add more wires.  
This term's topic is Prehistory (dinosaurs and the Stone Age)

Dinosaur Role Play


We read the start of a chapter from a Dinosaur Cove story and then acted out what might happen next with small world toys.  This helped us to come up with ideas for our own writing.

Playdough dinosaur fossils


We made imprints of dinosaurs in clay tablets and then pushed play dough into the cavity to create dinosaur fossils.  It was a lot messier than we had hoped!



We excavated dinosaurs (toy dinosaurs) from the rock (hardened salt dough) using specialist tools (play dough cutters).  Some came out easily, some were very stubborn and took a lot of work!  Then we identified them.

Dinosaur skeleton pictures


We made dinosaur skeleton pictures using art straws

Human bones/dinosaur bones


We had a lot of fun labelling the bones in our body with post-it notes.  Then we looked at dinosaurs and tried to work out where the same bones were in dinosaurs.  At the end of the day, there were lots of bones lying on the floor!

Human timelines


We turned ourselves into human timelines to get an idea of when the dinosaurs lived on the Earth compared to humans.