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Mr Redmond & Mrs de Simone's Class

TOPIC 6: Coasts

Have you ever wondered what makes a coast or why it changes or how humans use the coastline? This is the topic for you!

We will be going on an exciting day trip to Robin Hood's Bay to help us with this topic as well as enjoying some coastal tales.

This half term's chilling tale...

TOPIC 5: Plant Power


Having spent a lot of time this year understanding the Earth and its place in space, we are now going to look at the life on it using Tom's Midnight Garden as inspiration.

This term's mysterious fantasy...

TOPIC 4: The Tudors

The second topic in the Spring term focuses on a really important period of history: the Tudor Dynasty. 

We will extend our knowledge in...

  • HISTORY - learning the ins and outs of the Tudor family tree
  • GEOGRAPHY - understanding where the Tudors came and went
  • RE - understanding the conflicts caused by religious belief at this time
  • ART - looking at portraits

This half term's intriguing tale...

TOPIC 3: The Wolf Wilder


The first topic in the Spring term focuses on a wonderful book by Katherine Rundell: The Wolf Wilder. 

Through reading the book we will be able to extend our knowledge in lots of areas including...

  • GEOGRAPHY - understanding Russia
  • HISTORY - linking the Vikings to the history of Russia
  • SCIENCE - animal features and classification

TOPIC 2: Space


Now that we understand the structure of our wonderful planet Earth, in the second half of the autumn term, we will be venturing past its edges and out into the space to explore and discover its secrets.


We will be looking at lots of books to help us with this including...

  • Lights on Cotton Rock - a wonderful picture book about one person's desire for exploration.
  • Dr Maggie's Grand Tour of the Universe - a great non-fiction text jammed-packed full of information.

This half term's fun and pacy adventure

TOPIC 1: Extreme Earth

This half term we will be understanding the Earth's structure and how this produces some of its most extreme and often dangerous events: earthquakes and volcanoes!


We will be looking at lots of books to help us with this including...

  • When the Giant Stirred - a wonderful picture book about a village in the pacific ocean's experience of a volcano erupting.
  • I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake,1906 - a cracking adventure about survival against all odds!

The half term's gripping class reader