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Mr Cole's Class

Hello and welcome to Year 3 with Mr Cole!

Me, looking suitably silly, for Comic Relief.

Year Four Board Games

The Year 4s taught us how to play...
...board games of their own design.
Some didn't quite have a board!
The children also got to see Ms Tompkin,
who will teach many of them next year.

National Cricket Week

An superb action shot, caught by pupil EH!

Dinosaur Cove Drama

We were in groups of four.
One director, who was in charge.
Two were acting.
The other recorded any useful words.
We had to solve our cliffhangers from last week...
..before heading back to our own time.

We had a visitor from the Firework Maker himself...

Building a Roman Fort

The children marched around, led by centurions.
"Sin, Dex" is the Latin for "left, right".
We learned that the very first task of a Roman... in a new location was to build a fort.
The soldiers did all of the work themselves.
Each fort had two main roads - Via Praetorium...
...and Via Principalis.
Most Roman forts had a similar layout.
The Principia (HQ) was in the middle.
Next to this was the Praetorium (General's house).
Walls and ditches were built to protect the fort.

Papier Mache Volcanoes - The Inevitable Conclusion...

Papier Mache Volcanoes

We made papier mache versions of Mount Vesuvius.
The children were VERY excited about...
...applying paste with their hands.
Watch this space for what happened next...

Using Concrete Materials for Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Judo Tasters

Dan, for British Judo, came in to give each...
...class a taste of a Judo lesson.
There are classes available in York.
A flyer is coming home if you are interested.

Tasting Roman Food

The Romans were hygienic so we washed our hands!
Some of us were excited, others unsure.
We tried grapes, olives and dates.
We also had bread dipped in oil or honey.
Some of us tried fish paste.
The paste was to represent 'garum'.
Garum was a fermented fish sauce.
Many of us tried olives, despite being unsure.
Not everyone was convinced but we gave it a go!

Pompeii Roleplay

The children gathered in the Forum to hear news.
Some children worked in the docks.
Others prayed to Jupiter.
Some children bought and sold at market.
Something strange was happening in the distance.
We all felt an earthquake!
Some of us decided to leave while others panicked.
The statue of Jupiter collapsed...
And the priests did not know what to do!
People fled but they had left it too late!
Many people did not escape the fury of Vesuvius.

Stone Age Boy

This half term, we have been looking at the book Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. It is a lovely story about a modern boy who ends up transported back to the Stone Age. The children started the week experiencing what various Stone Age activities would have been like before writing a diary entry about their first full day in the Stone Age. 


The following week, they are going to write some non-fiction books about various aspects of the Stone Age.

The Cave of the Hands

Cueva de las Manos in Argentina
The children have a go at spraying handprints.
Stone Age people used reed or bone straws.
The finished product!
For British Science Week, the children built circuits to answer the quest 'which materials conduct electricity' and wrote up their findings. Many children found out that metal materials conduct electricity the best but were sometimes tricked by things that looked like they would be metal.

Concrete methods for fractions in Maths.