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Mr Cole's Class

Hello and welcome to Year 3 with Mr Cole!

Science - States of Matter

As part of our Magic topic, we are studying the different states of matter in Science. We shared our current knowledge of solids, liquids and gases before handling three different balloons - one full of ice, one of water and one simply inflated. After that, we acted out how the particles in a solid, a liquid and a gas behave. We also answered a few questions:

  1. Does a gas weigh anything? (ask your child how we were able to weigh gas...)
  2. What happens to a gas when you heat it?
  3. How does a liquid behave in different shaped containers?
  4. Can a gas be produced from a solid?

Drain Your Drink!

Phunky Foods came in to talk about healthy habits - in particular, drinking enough water throughout the day. Following on from this, we measured out the amounts of sugar in the example drinks that they brought along. Did you now that a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola contains around 53g of sugar? That's ten and a half teaspoons!

Acting as Sneaky Villains

We spent our morning creeping across the green while recording all the words and phrases that worked for a villainous character trying to sneak into the school. We're going to draw these characters next and write a short chapter of a story that introduces them.

Further Electricity Work

We continued our electricity learning by testing different materials in circuits. Which ones would conduct electricity well and which would be insulators?


We also experimented with static electricity. Did you know that it can even bend running water?

TagTiv8 Training

Beginning our Electricity Mini Topic

We started our learning about electricity with very little help from Mr Cole! He asked us to build a circuit with only foil, a battery and a bulb - this was rather hard. After that, we were given actual wires and had to make a complete circuit ourselves. Next, we will learn about which materials do and don't conduct electricity well.

Wayang Kulit - Indonesian Shadow Puppetry

Reading to Reception Children

We had a lovely time visiting Mrs McDonald's class to read. Those of us with siblings were particularly pleased! Check out her class page for more photos. Next time, we'll read with Mrs Mason's class so the others can see their siblings.

Our First Brass Lesson

Mr Vaughan came to visit for our first brass lesson. We sang a very familiar song and learned which instrument we'll learn for the rest of this term - French horn, cornet or trombone.

Cave Painting...under our tables!

We tried to recreate the conditions that Stone Age people would have had while painting in a cave. We worked with our paper stuck to the table, used real charcoal and covered torches with tissue paper to simulate flame.

Stone Age Roleplay

In order to give us extra ideas for our Stone Age diaries, we acted out a Stone Age day in the hall (above) as well as learning a few Stone Age crafts in the classroom (below).

Stone Age Roleplay

Making 100 in Maths

We decided to try and visualise what 100 looks like by counting out various objects - pasta, rice, rubbers, etc.

Large Pastel Dinos

Our (just about!) finished cam toys

Cam Toy Making

Year 6 Reading Visit

School Council Election Day