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Mastrelli March 2019

French Work 29.3.19

This term's french lessons have been centred around learning vocabulary for things you might find in a town and asking and answering questions about directions. We have imagined a conversation using a model to support us.

Our topic for this term in Year 6: Titanic

We have really enjoyed our Titanic topic this term. It has captivated us in so many ways. Check out the topic science investigations, topic newspaper writing and much more below:

TITANIC CROSS-CURRICULAR WRITING: science experiment on marbles in water; posters & newspaper report writing detailing the sinking of the Titanic ship and showing Titanic in comparison to other major historical events on a chronological timeline

PE Class Hockey Competition! (26/3/19)

MATHS - Active maths lesson (22.3.19): Year 6 were asked to label and calculate the diameter, radius (and even circumference) of a circle using hoops and ropes. Showing great team work in this activity, the children now have a solid understanding of these new terms.

Comic Relief 2019: Raising money for charity by dressing up as our favourite book or film characters: can you guess who we are?

WORLD BOOK DAY 2019: THE SNEETCHES book was used in maths to introduce the idea of function machines. The children were positively surprised and enjoyed the activity to learn the link between function, input and output.

MATHS: To introduce the concept of ratio and proportion, Year 6 used coloured skittles to compare fractions of quantities. After a successful lesson, the children enjoyed using equal ratios to consume them - well done to all.

SCIENCE: Investigations on floating and sinking using marbles, creating iceberg shapes and water-tight compartments using two litre plastic bottles. We had lots of fun learning while improving our investigative skills

CLASS ASSEMBLY: The importance of maths in our lives. All children contributed to the assembly presentation, picking up key presentation skills along the way.