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March 2020

The topic started with our 'entry point' and what we knew about The Titanic.

During our science lessons, Year 6 were investigating the sinking of the Titanic using marbles and foil.

World Book Day 2020 - an ‘interesting’ and humorous end to our school poem!

World Book Day 2020: well done to our class pupils, Ellie and Jasmine for bringing in their 'reading rocks' - go, girls!

Maths: Arithmetic work using a 'diamond-shape' to ranl from highest to lowest. There is a mistake on the fourth row - can you identify it and know how to change it?

NSPCC Workshop: Abuse is NEVER okay. Thumbs up and down from the children.

World Book Day 2020: As part of our World Book Day plans, Year 6 were introduced to basic algebra using the 'Sneetches' story from Dr Seuss. They learned about the terms input, output and function with some interesting combinations made(!)

We have started to draft and write a diary entry after their first day on board the 'Titanic'. We started by identifying key features and then using our character information to help. Check out our finished pieces!