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Literacy Home Learning Challenges

Challenge 1: My Toy Investigation

Carry out your own research into Toys Through at home by investigating your own toys and interview family members/friends about their toy memories. What can you discover about how toys have changed.

Use the attached booklet to help you ask questions and record your answers:

Please send us a copy of your investigation to:

Challenge 2: My Toy Museum Label

This term we are investigating changes within living memory by looking at how the toys children play with have changed. In school, we have been looking at how technological toys, teddy bears, toy cars and Lego have all changed. We've been making informative museum labels to tell people what we've discovered. Choose one of the toys from your Toy Investigation and write a museum label.

Things to include:

•What it is.
•How old it is.
•What is looks like (so you can find it in a display).
•What it is made from.
•Interesting fact about it.
Here is an example:

Please send us a copy of your museum label to: