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KEY TASKS Week 7 (beginning 4th May)

White Rose Daily Solve Maths Problems

These word problems by White Rose Maths involve a range of mathematical skills from the Y2 Maths curriculum. The children need only attempt to solve the problems on the first 'Orange' page as these are problems designed for KS1, whereas the second 'Blue' page contains KS2 problems.


This term our topic is Our Living World - Plants. Below you will find the Knowledge Organiser for the topic which we would usually use in school to remind us of the key learning points. This week we would like you to find out about plants and what they need to grow. BBC Bitesize has a great introduction to plants which you can find by following this link


Here are a list of activities you could complete:

  • Draw and label the parts of a plant
  • Design a poster or leaflet to explain how to look after a plant
  • Write a set of instructions or an explanation about how to look after a plant
  • Do you have any plants in your yard or garden? What are they? Can you draw and name them?
  • If you are taking exercise outside - what plants or trees can you see? Discuss them with your adult as you are walking
  • Complete a mystery seed experiment as explained by Mrs Clark in her video below (if you do not have easy access to seeds there will be a box of seeds placed outside the school entrance on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and if you are passing on your daily exercise you can buzz through the gate and collect some).

Mystery Seed Investigation

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Time - o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to

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Find these games on the web page below. You could try the first game from 'Mixed Times' as a challenge.

Time worksheets - if you can't print these out, just write your answers on a piece of paper