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Inventors and Innovators Zoom Task 1


A biography gives facts about a person’s life. It is not written by the subject of the book but by an author who has done their research and knows about that person. Biographies are written in the third person (he, she, her, him, hers, his, himself, herself, they, them, their, theirs, and themselves).


Over the next few weeks we are going to write two short biographies. The first, is to be about an adult you know. This will be completed during our class zoom. The adult will need to be available to answer a few questions during our zoom meeting. If you do not have an adult available Mrs Pagan or Ms Tompkin will answer your questions.  The second biography, completed next week, will be about an Inventor or Innovator of your choice. 



  • Ms Tompkin and Mrs Pagan will give you 1 question at a time in your class meeting
  • You will mute your audio and interview the adult to find out the answer 
  • Next you will independently write a few sentences containing the answer
  • This will be repeated 5 times during the meeting
  • Sentences to be shared with the class (contributions are not necessary if you would rather not talk) 
  • Use the image below to help you with sentence starters
**By the end of the meeting you will have a short biography and a drawing to go with it if you have completed Task 2.