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Intra-School Tournaments

Year 3 Athletics and Year 4 Running are both happening before Easter - if you'd like to be on the team let your house staff know at the next meeting.

Year 6 House Netball

Thank you to all the Year 6s who came along for the tournament. They were great matches to watch and you showed some fantastic skill.


Rosa Parks 4th place - 5 HPs

Greta Thunberg 3rd place - 8 HPs

Jesse Owens 2nd place - 10 HPs

Ben Smith 1st place - 15 HPs


Year 5 House Football

Thank you to all the Year 5s that came along, you played great matches and you did your Houses proud!


Rosa Parks 4th place - 5HPs

Ben Smith 3rd place - 8HPs


Greta Thunberg 2nd place - 10 HPs


Jesse Owens 1st place - 15 HPs

House Tournaments coming soon!

Year 6 Netball

Year 5 Football

Year 4 Running

Year 3 Athletics

Year 2 Gymnastics

Year 1 Rounders

EYFS Obstacle course


*If you'd like to represent your house let your House teachers or Mrs Hannah know. 

KS1 Rounders for Fun!

We had a lovely time last Wednesday lunch time playing three different variants of Rounders as a group of 13 KS1 pupils.

We played in the Upper Hall and used quoits, bean bags and foam balls. In our last game we used a proper rounders bat! Hopefully this will mean the participants will know how to play when they get to KS2. 

Well done for remembering to come and I hope we can do more sport for fun lunchtimes in the future.

Intra-school cricket tournament

This term each class had an intra-school tournament either as classes or year groups during National Cricket Week.

Year 3

This term our PE Specialist from York School Sports Network will be carrying out Intra School Athletics tournaments with every class.




Year 6 Intra Athletics