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Historical Evidence

Different images will be uploaded here of artefacts and buildings that were actually found at Pompeii.  Use your historical enquiry skills to answer these questions about each one:


What was it?

What was it made out of?

Why was it there and how was it used?

Can you tell you anything else about Pompeii or the people who lived there?

Do you have your own questions about it?


Don't worry about getting it wrong - a lot of what we know about history is open to interpretation.


After all, experts originally though the velociraptor looked like this:


Now, experts think it had feathers and looked more like this:
But maybe they might even have looked like this:

Here come the Pompeii pictures.....  uploading is a slow today.



Yes, it's a dog, but what else can you explain about it?

Hmm, I might try another one, thanks.

This is a building - but what use did it serve?