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Edible Soil

In this lesson, we made the children eat soil. Yum. They learned the different layers present in soil by constructing a model from cake, biscuits and sweets and drew their own model.

Rock Permeability

We set the children the task of discovering which rocks were most permeable to water, allowing Yorkshire Water to find locations where underground water may be present.

Rock Hardness

We learned about using the Mohs scale to compare the hardness of different rocks. Prior to this, we learned the types of rock through a great lesson called 'Cake Rocks'!

Going Underground Hook

We tried to find several different things that were just below the surface of the ground. We also talked about the importance of leaving natural or public places as we find them.


First Day Back

We had a visited from farm animals and birds of prey. It was described as "the best day ever!".