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Going Underground

Taking inspiration from the artist Margaret Mee we have started work on our first 'Austin's Butterfly' project of the year. This week we produced our first draft and then had a skills session where we learnt about adding a third dimension to our work using shading.

On Tuesday we visited the Knavesmire to look for evidence of seed dispersal. We walked through the allotments first and really enjoyed looking at the different plants and discussing which method of seed dispersal they used. Nothing was quite as exciting as the volume of conkers we found when we reached our destination! Thanks to a few split bags we can add Year 4 to our list of ways seeds get dispersed! 

We had a fantastic time at the York Food Festival on Thursday! Both classes really impressed us with their thoughtful questions and amazing enthusiasm. Everyone was delighted with their chocolate lollies and resisted the urge to snack on them on the walk home!


This week we have explored the soil profile, looking at the different layers and what their properties are. Would it be Year 4 if we didn't then take the opportunity to recreate the soil profile using food?

In Maths we are thinking about 4 digit numbers. We used art straws to make bundles of 10's, 100's and eventually 1000. We thought about the most efficient way to make large numbers and how we can use physical resources to deepen our understanding of what big numbers actually mean.

We have enjoyed starting our Going Underground topic. We have looked at the book The Street Beneath My Feet, studied different rocks, learnt about the different types of rocks and eaten cake to help us remember them! 

During our CHRIP week we took part in some teamwork based STEM challenges. Below are photos from our attempts to make structures using pasta and marshmallows!