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What can you find in a museum?   Check out today's wonder of the day!


For previous wonders (and there are many!) click here.

First Palette


This is a great website for art and craft ideas if you want to spend some time making some models out junk or recycling that might be hanging around.

Zoo links


Some zoos are beginning to reopen now, but if you cannot make it to one, there are plenty of zoos that are doing virtual zoo tours and have live cams of their animals.  Check some of them out below:

Online astrology event


There was a children's astronomy event on 6th June live on Facebook hosted by the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, investigating asteroids around other stars.  The event is available to watch again on YouTube but the interactive elements will no longer be active.  The link is below:

DIY Tie Dye


This activity will need some adult supervision and a plain piece of clothing that it is ok to dye.  The instructions on the website below describe how to use food colouring, but we just used tea bags, coffee and some curry powder mixed with hot water to make our colours!

This website has some alternative patterns to make.
Thank you to one of the year 3 children for discovering this website.  Try some paper folding ranging from easier folds to some really tricky ones!  Maybe you could make an origami flower garden for the competition here.

DK Find Out


This is the Dorling Kindersley website.  It is beautifully made and looks just like the books with vibrant pictures on a white background.  There is lots to discover here.

Woman's Rugby World Cup


Did you know that Woman's Rugby League Cup is being held in England in 2021?  There will be matches played here in York (including both the semi-finals!)


You can find more information on the Rugby League World Cup at here

Below is an activity put together by England Rugby League.   The idea is to make a fact file for the host nation (England) using the headings that are provided.  There is also a completed sheet as an example.  Then, why not create similar fact sheets for the other nations competing?  They are:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cook Islands, France, New Zealand and Papa New Guinea.

Time Capsule


York Castle Museum are running a super project to create a time capsule of people's experiences the lockdown.  Visit the website and download the activities from the link below.  There are lots of ways to take - for example: writing a letter to your younger self, find a photo from before lockdown and take a new one of the same place now or choose and object that represents the lockdown for you and write a label explaining why.

Thank you to the parent who brought this to our attention.

Make your own sketchbook


This website and the links on it are designed to inspire you to make your own sketchbook and then looks at the different things you could do to use it.

First News children's newspaper


For a short period you can download the children's newspaper for free.  Designed for KS2 really, but do expect it to reflect all news stories just written in a more children friendly format.  You will need to submit an email address to download the newspaper.

Sun Halo


Did anyone see this yesterday? 


NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, but if you looked off to one side, you might have seen it.


Apparently, halos form around the sun and moon when there are high 'cirrus' clouds drifting above your head - so you might not be able to see it everywhere.


Tiny ice crystals in the atmosphere refract and reflect the light.


Email if you saw it too:

The Premier League


The Premier League sets weekly challenges which are designed to be completed as a family.  Check them out by clicking the link below:



This is a lovely website that enables you to begin learning some basics of foreign languages in a very engaging and attractive way.  You will have to log on and there are some adds in the free version, but it is nice quality.  The range of languages is fairly extensive with 35 currently offered including: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian and even Klingon (for Star Trek fans out there)!

Actively Monopoly


This is an active version of the well known board game which seems to have originated at  It is a great way to stay active and have fun at the same time.

NASA Home Learning


NASA's Home Learning site offers activities, lessons, videos and a variety of other content for all age ranges.

25 non-computer things to do at home
David Walliams Elevenses

Scholastic Learn at Home


This is a website from the company who make many school books and children's magazines. They have daily projects for children of all ages for week the next two weeks. It is sorted into the 'grades' system which is broadly a year less than ours. So Kindergarten is Year 1, 1st Grade is Year 2, 2nd Grade is Year 3 and so on.



A great website that has a daily wonder to explore. Some recent examples are: Where is Timbuktu? - How often is "once in a blue moon?" - What is concrete made from? and Can cows swim?

Edinburgh Zoo Cam


Watch live footage of animals from a choice of: panda, penguin, tiger, koala and rockhopper penguin.

Children's Authors Reading Online


With kids at home and parents looking for educational activities, many of our favorite authors are offering online read-alouds and activities on social media.