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Suggested Forces Task 1 Friction Slipping and Sliding

Friction tries to stop objects sliding past each other. Friction allows things to start and stop moving and slows them down.


Find out why you slip and slide more on smooth surfaces than rougher surfaces try slipping and sliding around your house.


Do be careful not to fall over though.


Did you find out that skidding was a lot more fun when wearing socks, but why is this?


Science Bit

Friction is a force that opposes movement between two materials moving past each other. Frictional Forces act in the opposite direction to the object trying to move and must be overcome for movement to start. Frictional forces are less on smooth surfaces, which is why we slide more easily when wearing socks.

You could also try...


Try sliding on different surfaces with bare feet.

Is it easier or harder on carpet than wood or tiles?

Then do same again with socks on, does it make a difference?

What about wearing socks made of different materials? Try slip resistant if you have a a pair.

You could roll a toy car on carpet and tiles and see on which surface it travels the furthest.