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Easter Holiday Activities

***Send pictures of your activities to  If parents add a line in the email giving permission, we can put some of your pictures on the website.***


***Don't forget the Spring competition!  See below for details.***


Although the Easter break is over, most of these activities could still be used in free or creative time.  There are links to websites and resources you can print off if you have a printer.


Please remember to use other websites safely and responsibly.  If you find anything you are not happy with, turn the screen off and tell an adult.

Board games


Inspired by some year 3 children who have had this idea already, today's activity is to build your own board game.  Below are some templates to get you started for the board.  Why not dig out your own board games and investigate how they are made?  You could add spaces where you miss turns, spaces that move you from one part of the board to the other, make cards that go with the game to tell you what to do or even make up your own counters.  

Don't forget to take pictures of your games and send them to, if you like.  As usual, if we have permission in an email from your parents, we could put the pictures on the website.

Pencil puzzles


Today there are links to old favourite pencil puzzles such as word search and spot the difference.  If you do not have a printer, there are also online versions of some of these as well.  Online and printable word searches at the first link below:

The next link is to printable, simpler word searches, presented with lower case letters, that focus on words that start with one letter:
Next, spot the difference online (which includes photographs and levels):
Printable spot the difference, black and white:
Some more printable puzzles including trickier sudoku and logic puzzles:
Finally a link to a website that has a whole host of puzzles to print:

Keeping active


It is important to build some activity into each day so below are some ideas for how you can stay active, even if you do not have an outdoor space you can use.  When you are doing any kind of exercise inside, use the space carefully and make sure nothing gets broken.  Don't do any of the exercises you aren't sure about.  Why don't you make up your own exercise routine?  You could film it and send it to and we might be able to put it on the website if your parents have given us permission.

The below are links to blogs that have indoor physical activity ideas.  Some of these will need adult supervision so ask a parent before you try them.

Taskmaster challenges


Today's activity is a set of challenges that the year 5s have had on their home working page all week, so apologies to those of you who have already seen and done some of these.  Taskmaster is an adult quiz show where celebrities are given unusual tasks to undertake, which often end with funny solutions.  


Pick one of the challenges and give it a go.  If you can, film your solution and send it to us using and we will put some videos up here if we have a line of permission from a parent in the email.  Please say which challenge it is you have filmed.  Please get an adult's permission before doing any of the challenges as some may be messy and need some supervision. You can, of course, do as many of them as you like.

Your own Easter hunt


For Easter Sunday, why not make your own hunt?  You do not need Easter eggs to look for, you could just try to set the clues up for someone else to follow.  There is also a set of forfeits below which you could have at each location.  Make your own up and set up your own trail across the house.  You might need to check that you can use some of the hiding places (like the washing machine) with an adult first.  Happy hunting!

Some forfeits!
Easter hunts with a twist - code breaking and Easter egg-xercise.

Indoor Olympics


As the Olympics has been postponed until 2021, why not set up your own indoor Olympics?  Below are some links to ideas of the kind of events you could run.  Then there are even some certificates your could print out or make yourselves.

The next links are blogs that have some good ideas for indoor Olympic activities.
This is a link to some printable resources.
Finally, some ideas for making up 'Finger Olympics' and writing instructions for them.

Colouring in


Get those pencils/pens/crayons out and start colouring in!  Below are links to pictures that can be printed out or colouring in to do online.  Don't forget to share what you have been doing by sending a picture to  If you want your picture to be shared on the website, a parent will need to add a sentence giving us permission to use it.

More complicated colouring in.

Den building 


Building a den can be great fun to hang out in and decorate.  The golden rule is tidy up after yourself!

The following are website links with instructions on how to build dens and ideas.  As with all external websites, some supervision is required and please stick to the pages indicated.
The next one is a link to shopping website, but it has some nice ideas.



Today's activity is a competition for the whole school to take part in!

Why not take part in our whole school competition to create piece of art inspired by Spring. You can use whatever media you like, for example, paint, playdough, felt pen, junk modelling, pencil crayon. You might be inspired by the flowers and green shoots appearing or the baby animals we traditionally associate with this time of year: chicks, lambs and bunnies - it’s up to you! Just take a photograph of your creation, email it to: by Monday 27th April ***extended final date*** and put ‘competition’ and your year group in the subject.  Parents and carers, please add a line in the email saying we have permission to put the pictures on the website and then we can upload some of them.



Can you build some of Lego challenges in these links?  Why stop there?  Can you make your own model?  Set you own challenge?  Why not do something different like create a pattern or mosaic with Lego?  Send us some pictures of your creations to and put 'Lego' in the title and we will put some of the pictures up on the website.  Please write a sentence giving your permission for the picture to appear on the website in your email.

Treasure Hunt

Why not make up your own treasure hunt?  You could make up clues to different parts of the house where you will then find a new clue.  You could even make a map of the house that has the locations of different letters that spell out the name of the final location.  Below are some links to clues that have already been made, but the fun might be in doing your own ones!

The next two links are to a clue generating website and how to use it:



Number bingo is a fun game to play, but there is another version of the game where you have a bingo card with categories.  The idea is that you cross off a box once you have seen something, done something or found something from the selection.  Look at the printable examples below, make your own or see what other ones you can find on the internet.