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December 2020 - New Year Traditions

The New Year is celebrated and welcomed all across the world. Different cultures celebrate in different ways and have their own traditions.

Did you know?

In Germany, pigs are exchanged to celebrate New Year's Eve as pigs are believed to be lucky. They are known as ‘Glücksschwein’ which means ‘Lucky Pig’. They don’t give real pigs! They are little pigs made of marzipan. Eating Glücksschwein is thought to bring good luck for the coming year. Why not have a go at making your own Glücksschwein:

Or make pig-shaped cookies:

Do you want to learn more about traditions from around the world? Have a look at:


Do you celebrate New Year? How do you celebrate? In the McDonald House we have a big family meal in the middle of New Year’s day and then go out for a long walk in the afternoon.