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Daily Writing/Topic

Our new topic this term is minibeasts. To see what we’ll be learning please take a look at our knowledge organiser.

Monday 22nd February

Literacy/PHSCE Zoom

Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm and meet a new creature.

Please bring something to draw on and with such as a pencil and paper or whiteboard.


During the session we’ll be discussing how to look after living things.  After the zoom, can you make a poster to show how to care for living creatures. Please upload your completed posters to Evidence.Me.


If you weren't able to attend the Zoom session, before you listen to Mrs Marshall read the story - use the description below to draw the creature that's found in Bluebell Wood.

The Bog Baby read by Mrs Marshall

As you listen to the story think about these questions:

  • What would you do if you found a creature in the woods?
  • Why do you think the Bog Baby is sick?
  • How should we look after living creatures like minibeasts?

PE - Focusing on cognitive skills

Alternatively, you could continue your Yoga Quest Challenge with Cosmic Kids

To sign up and get the free maps: 

To jump straight in:

Tuesday 23rd February

Music Zoom

Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm for some musical fun. We’ve never done music over Zoom before so join us for this experimental session.

Before next week's music session. Have a go at making your own string musical instrument.


Here are some ideas to get you started:


Practise keeping a steady pulse by strumming, plucking or bowing it. And bring it along to next week's music session.


Following our musical fun, get outside and go on a minibeast hunt. 

You could hunt in your garden, yard or whilst you’re out for your daily exercise. Minibeasts hide EVERYWHERE. You might even find some in your own home. If you have a magnifying glass, you could take this with you to see more detail. You might also want to take photos to record your finds. Remember what we learnt on Monday about caring for creatures and not removing them from where they belong.



How many different minibeasts can you find? 

Make a tally chart to show the most popular.

Example Tally Chart

Wednesday 24th February

Class Zooms

Join us for you our weekly catch up Zoom session with our own classes. Please bring along some work to share with your friend that you've done over the past week..

Mrs Marshall's class zoom is at 11:00am

Mrs McDonald's class zoom is at 1:00pm

Religious Education (RE)

Listen to the Christian parable of the Good Samaritan.

Stop the video at 2:36

The Christian Story of The Good Samaritan | Religions of the World

What do Christian’s learn from this story? This is called a moral.

The moral of the Good Samaritan is that we should be kind to everyone.

What kind act could you do this week? Who will it be for? You family, friends, neighbours or the environment?

PE - Spin The Wheel Activity Challenge

The wheel will spin but where will it land? Which ever challenge it lands on you have 30 seconds to complete the activity that is chosen.

Alternatively, you could continue your Yoga Quest Challenge with Cosmic Kids

To sign up and get the free maps: 

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Thursday 25th February


Join Mrs Marshall on Zoom at 1pm and learn more about the minibeasts you discovered.


Following the Zoom, choose your favourite minibeast and write a fact file about it. Remember to use facts and not opinions (such as ‘I think it’s beautiful’).


Please upload photos of your minibeast factfile to Evidence.Me


Missed the zoom? Don't worry, our factfile is included below.

Minibeasts information powerpoint

Friday 26th February

Join Mrs Marshall at 1pm to draw and label minibeasts.

Following the Zoom, draw your favourite minibeast and label its body parts - e.g. legs, wings, body.

Please upload photos of your minibeast to Evidence.Me


If you wanted to try drawing one of the other minibeasts yourself, or just couldn't make it to the zoom lesson, the links are included in the powerpoint and video below.


An artist and teacher takes you through the steps to draw some of your favourite minibeasts!