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Daily Writing/Topic

Monday 7th February


This week we are going to be investigating the journey some foods (fruits) take to get to our tables. Culminating in making your own tasty treat on Friday (ask your grown up).


Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm to help her write some instructions for a tasty treat.

Following the Zoom, write your own instructions to make a fruit skewer. Just like when we’re writing an algorithm in Computing, think carefully about the detail and order of your instructions. Challenge: can you use time openers to sequence your instructions: first, next, after that, finally, then.


Please upload your completed instructions to Evidence.Me


Ask your grown ups if they might be able to buy some of the fruits to make your fruit skewer on Friday. If you are in receipt of pupil premium, fruit will be available to collect from the school office from Friday (5th Feb).


Missed the Zoom? Don’t worry, here is Mrs McDonald’s example:

PE Koboca Challenge - Mirror Mirror 

This is a leadership and balance activity that can be done indoors or outdoors:

  1. Choose the leader. Everyone else is a follower.

  2. The leader stands at the front and performs a series of stretches and balances that followers have to mirror. You could do this over zoom/facetime etc… with a friend or relative who doesn’t live with you.

  3. Then swap so a follower is now the leader.

Enter your results here:


Alternatively, you could continue your Yoga Quest Challenge with Cosmic Kids

To sign up and get the free maps: 

To jump straight in:

Tuesday 8th February

Today is Safer Internet Day

Computing - Coding

Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm and learn what debugging is and how to debug an algorithm.

After the session, help Mrs McDonald by debugging these algorithms that she has written:


Missed the zoom? You can download the slides from the zoom session here:

PenguinPig (Safer Internet Day)

Read by Mrs Marshall

After you've listened to the story, have a go at creating your own fictitious animal! 

Can you challenge yourself to write some sentences to describe your creature?

Safer Internet Day - Guinness World Record Challenge

How to take part:

Step 1 – Visit
Visit this webpage between 10am 9th February and 9:30am 10th February 2021 and click “Make a pledge”.
Please be aware 10am may be a busy time, so aim to space your attempts throughout the 24 hour period.


Step 2 – Make your pledge
Learners can add further drawings or text to their pledge and click save.


For more activities visit:

Wednesday 9th February

Class Zooms

Join us for you our weekly catch up Zoom session with our own classes. Please bring along some work to share with your friends that you've done over the past week.

Mrs Marshall's class zoom is at 11:00am

Mrs McDonald's class zoom is at 1:00pm


PE Koboca Challenge - Home Football Challenge

Enter your results here and watch Scarcroft Primary School move up the leaderboard:


Alternatively, you could continue your Yoga Quest Challenge with Cosmic Kids

To sign up and get the free maps: 

To jump straight in:

Thursday 10th February


Join Mrs Marshall on Zoom at 1pm and discover the journey fruit takes before ending up in your fruit bowl.


Following the Zoom, discover where the fruit and vegetables in your house have journeyed from. Look at the stickers or packet (or ask google where they are grown).

Write a list and see if you can find all the different countries on the world map. Can you label the fruits on the map to show their origin and discover how far they’ve travelled? Which fruit has travelled the furthest? 

Please take a photo and upload your map to Evidence.Me

Missed the zoom? Don't worry, here's the slideshow from today's lesson

Friday 11th February


There is no Zoom session this afternoon

Please use the instructions you wrote on Monday to create your tasty treat.

When you've eaten your fruit skewer, write about which were your favourite fruits and what were you not so keen on? Use the word ‘because’ to explain your reason why.


Did you make some for your family too? As an optional extra, you could do a survey to see who liked which fruit best. Do a tally, like Mrs McDonald’s and calculate the most and least favourite fruits.


Please take a photo of your fruit skewer and your evaluation upload to Evidence.Me


Bow-Wowza: Unleash Your Best Life

Hey doggos, I'm Dexter D, here to tell you about Bow-Wowza! Our funny dog videos will make you howl with laughter. Plus me and my puppy pals will be sharing ...


• Dexter D said he’s going to teach us about some things that will help us feel good. What are some things you do now that make you feel good?

• What are some other words that we might use to describe feeling ‘good’? [E.g. jolly, happy, cheerful].

These words are also called emotions.

• What are some other ‘emotions’?

Use this worksheet to draw or write a few activities that make us feel the emotions shown inside the brain (happy, sad, excited, relaxed).

Here are a couple of examples to get you started; 
I feel happy when I go for walks with my mum.
I feel sad when I miss my favourite TV program.

How To Feel Chill | Breathing With Dexter D

At the end of the session, join Dexter D in this meditation to help you feel chill!