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Monday 1st February

Computing - Coding

Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm and learn how to write and test an algorithm.


After the session, get unplugged and create your own algorithm to move the Beebot to different places in the UK:

Or experiment creating your own algorithm using the free A.L.E.X. App:


*Please be aware there may be in app purchases
Missed the session? Don't worry, Mrs McDonald's slides are available to download here:


Yoga Quest with Cosmic Kids

Continue with your Yoga Quest challenges:

To sign up and get the free maps: 

To jump straight in:


We hope you’ll still manage to get outside together for your daily exercise - walking, scooting, cycling and skipping are all great!

Tuesday 2nd February


Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm as she introduces the island Koh Samui in Thailand.


After the session, think about the similiarities and differences between Koh Samui in Thailand and the Isle of Coll in Scotland. Record your ideas in a venn diagram to show which things are the same and which are different.

Please upload your venn diagram to Evidence.Me.

Missed the Zoom session? Or want to look again? Mrs McDonald's slides can be downloaded here:

Wednesday 3rd February

Class Zooms

Join us for you our weekly catch up Zoom session with our own classes. Please bring along some work to share with your friend that you've done over the past week..

Mrs Marshall's class zoom is at 11:00am

Mrs McDonald's class zoom is at 1:00pm

PE Challenge - Yoga Quest with Cosmic Kids

Continue with your Yoga Quest challenges:

To sign up and get the free maps: 

To jump straight in:

Thursday 4th February


Join Mrs Marshall on Zoom at 1:00pm as she uses her senses to describe the Thai Island of Koh Samui.

If you missed the zoom, don't worry! The PDF version of the powerpoint is available to use and download below.

*Note to parents - Please view the included YouTube links with discretion.

Two of the links included are a live feed of a beach in Koh Samui.

After the zoom, use what you've learned to write an amazing piece of descriptive writing about the island. What can you hear, see, smell, feel and taste?

Friday 5th February


At 1:00pm, join Mrs Marshall as we discuss the importance of a positive mindset and how to build resilience.

Missed the zoom? Don't worry, the slideshow is available for you to use below.



Let’s learn about the different beliefs and traditions in the UK.