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Daily Writing/Topic

Monday 25th January

Computing - Coding

Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm as she introduces Coding and discover what an algorithm is.

Please bring something to write with and on (e.g. whiteboard, blackboard or paper).


If you missed the session, please find the powerpoint here:


After the session, get unplugged, follow the algorithm and see what treasure you find:

Or experiment creating your own algorithm using the free BeeBot App:


*Please be aware there may be in app purchases


Yoga Quest with Cosmic Kids
Join Jaime to follow the map and complete the yoga adventures! 

Download the map at

Cosmic Kids YOGA QUEST | How to Take Part! 👋

Tuesday 26th January - Geography

Join Mrs McDonald on Zoom at 1:00pm as she introduces the key features of the Isle of Coll. The island that the Isle of Struay is based on.

If you missed the session or want to view it again, please find the powerpoint here:

Following the Zoom, complete the venn diagram to show what key features we find in a town and what key features we find at the seaside.

Wednesday 27th January - Music and D&T

Today we are looking at a traditional Scottish instrument - the bagpipes.

Watch the performance and talk about the music. How does this music make you feel? 
What speed is the music? Can you clap along to follow the beat? 

Inveraray & District Pipe Band | 1st Place MSR 1 2019 World Pipe Band Championships

Afterwards, can you have a go at making your own bagpipes using a few things at home?

Thursday 28th January - Writing and topic

Join Mrs Marshall on the daily topic zoom as we look at the beautiful scenary of the Isle of Coll and find some inspiration for our afternoon's writing!

Breachacha Castle

Castle on Isle of Coll Scotland

Friday 29th January


Join Mrs Marshall in the daily topic zoom where we'll continue to talk about how a positive mindset can help you overcome barriers.


Create your own beach or island scene artwork, inspired by the Isle of Coll and the Isle of Struay.

Here are some examples of the type of island scene you might want to create!


Pictures provided by, and