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Daily Phonics

A daily phonics session will really support your child in continuing to develop their reading and writing skills.

***New resources to download**


Why not watch the daily phonics video produced by Letters and Sounds:

11am Learning to Blend

For children in Reception and Year 1 who need extra practise sounding and reading words such as ‘tap’, ‘cap’, ‘map’ and ‘pat’.

10am Reception Summer Term

For children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘fish’, ‘chat’ and ‘rain’.

10.30am Year 1 Summer Term

For children who can confidently blend and read words uchs as ‘stamp’, ‘chair’ and ‘green’.


There are three sets of daily lessons to choose from, if you are not sure which one to start with please email us at:  New phonics lessons are uploaded everyday, Monday to Friday, at the times above. After upload, each lesson is available to watch at any time.



Why not practise the sound of the day or challenge yourself a phase 4 game on:


Phonics Play free access:

Username: march20

Password: home



If you prefer an offline option, why not download the Phase 4 Phonics booklet:

Twinkl is still offering free access and has loads of great options to print and play at home.

Choose from:

Phase 2: to practise blending and segmenting:

Phase 3: to practise reading and writing digraphs in words:

Phase 4: to practise reading and writing words with adjacent consonants:



As with all online content, parents and carers are advised to supervise their child’s use of the internet. If you would like support on keeping your child safe online please see:  and


We hope you will find the online phonics lessons useful - let us know what you think to them!

If you would like some more ideas or support for phonics, please look at the 'what is EYFS?' on our class page:

Phonics Resources