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Daily Maths

Our daily maths tasks have one video for each daily lesson. There is then an activity for the children to complete based around what they have learned.


We have now added a 'true or false' question to encourage the children to think more creatively about using their number knowledge to solve real life problems. Some days also have some 'dive into mastery' challenges to deepen your child's understanding further - these are optional. Not sure where to start - have a look at the picture below:

As requested, we've also attached the answers to each of the question sheets and further challenges. For the true and false questions, the answers are on the second page of the download.


Please upload photographs of your completed work to Evidence Me


If you feel your child has not yet secured their place value knowledge to 20, please follow this link:

Weekly Challenge - Counting By Tens Song

This week's whole week challenge is to learn to count in 10s.

Monday 22nd February - Counting to 50 by making 10s

Now it's your turn. Can you make five groups of 10? How many do you have all together?

Remember your careful counting and say only one number for each object.

Please upload a photo to Evidence.Me.


Why not download the hundred square to look at the patterns:

Tuesday 23rd February - Numbers to 50

Further Challenge

Wednesday 24th February - Counting forwards and backwards within 50


Thursday 25th February - Tens and ones

Further Challenge

Friday 26th February - Represent numbers to 50

Further Challenge