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Daily activity ideas

Target game
  • 2 players

  • Place three targets in front of you (Partners does the same) This can be anything you find at home

  • Each player takes it in turns to through an object (again anything you can find at home) at your partners targets

  • Each time you hit one it is removed

  • First player to hit all target wins



S - Move further away 

T - Use your other hand to throw

E - Smaller targets or Bigger Targets

P - Add 4 more players and they have to run to 'Home' to tag the next player in


Wider learning - Put a sum on the object the person is throwing. They have to say the answer before they can through it. Ball pool type balls are great for this, but with a Sharpie you can write on sticks, balls of paper, plastic bottles.

Activity Bingo
Fitness "Board" games
Mad Dash
  • Set up a start and finish line (it doesn't have to be a straight line)
  • Ask the children to think of 3 different ways to get from start to finish
  • Get them to try out the different methods
  • What is the quickest way from start to finish?
  • What is the slowest way from start to finish?
  • Once they have experimented with different ways they can race, use a handicap system for different age children (older ones have to do their slowest form of travel, and young ones their quickest)
S - Make the course a route through the house or Garden
T - Place obstacles or challenges on the track (dressing up is always a winner with younger children)
E - Complete the course with an object - Balance a book on your head
P - The two person challenge - Piggy Back, wheel barrow, always holding hands etc
Alphabet activity

Challenges using the exercise that go with the letters:


1) Spell out your first name

2) Spell out your full name

3) Spell out your best friends name AND your name

4) Complete the whole alphabet