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Cooking with Chef King

We are incredibly lucky to have our very own trained chef at Scarcroft. Why don't you have a go at cooking along with him!

Christmas Cheese Nibbles

Christmas Peppermint Creams

Christmas Cherry Peanut Slices

Christmas Florentines

Christmas Malteser Fridge Cake

Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Chef King - KFC Style Fried Chicken

Chef King - Stir Fry Chicken Chow Mein

Chef King - Chicken Kebab

Chef King - Hotdog in a Bread Twist

Chef King - "Faster than a Frozen Pizza" Pizza!

Chef King - Fried Chocolate Sandwich

Chef King - Cheesy Savoury

Chef King - American Style Pancakes

Chef King - Chicken Quesadilla

Chef King - Chocolate Orange Cake

Chef King - Donuts with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Chef King - Healthy Breakfast Banana Split

Chef King - Cheese Omelette with Salad