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This is another great free programming resource.  It uses blocks almost identical to Scratch blocks but increases in difficulty quite quickly.  It also shows you what the scratch programming looks like in JAVA script, which is another kind of programming.  No log in required, but it does save your progress.

Scratch at home


This page has some regularly updated challenges to try out on Scratch.  Some are tricky, but they provide some programming that is already there to "remix" - this is when you can edit the programming so that it works but with your own additions.  This is another good way of learning how to programme.

Rapid Router


Now this is a terrific free online activity.  You will need to register (as an independent student) to save your progress but you can play any part at any time.  The idea is simple: to direct a van (and other things) around a town using blocks of code like we do in Scratch.  However, it gets a little more advanced later on and ends up teaching you how to begin to use Python.  Python is coding that is used in many secondary schools so this is a very good introduction, the difference is you type the instructions in rather than use blocks.  

Free educational content available for Minecraft - which includes a variety of activities including exploring the International Space station, experience being a marine biologist and building challenges.
Many of the children have used Scratch.  This link takes you straight to the programming page.  Can you make a game?  Can you get the game to keep score? 
A link to explain Scratch for parents in more detail.