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Rapid Router


Now this is a terrific free online activity.  You will need to register (as an independent student) to save your progress but you can play any part at any time.  The idea is simple: to direct a van (and other things) around a town using blocks of code like we do in Scratch.  However, it gets a little more advanced later on and ends up teaching you how to begin to use Python.  Python is coding that is used in many secondary schools so this is a very good introduction, the difference is you type the instructions in rather than use blocks.  

Picture 1
Free educational content available for Minecraft - which includes a variety of activities including exploring the International Space station, experience being a marine biologist and building challenges.
Many of the children have used Scratch.  This link takes you straight to the programming page.  Can you make a game?  Can you get the game to keep score? 
A link to explain Scratch for parents in more detail.