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Telephone: 01904 553330



How to get in touch with us?

If your child is ill

If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please let us know by telephoning the school and press Option 1 and leave a message by 9.00am. If you prefer you can send an email before 9.00am.

Telephone: 01904 553330



If you need to speak to your child’s teacher

If it’s a short message or question that is not confidential, we are always on the playground from 8.40am or you can leave a message at the office. 

If you need a longer or more confidential discussion, please ask us or the office for an appointment. This can be a face-to-face appointment after school or over the telephone.

Please don’t worry and wait! Please just ask :)


How will we communicate with you?

Parent Mail

The main way we’ll communicate with you is via Parent Mail. This is an email/app service so please make sure you give us an up-to-date email address that you check regularly. 


Book Bags

As well as your children’s artwork, teachers will also put important things in your child’s books bag. The most important of these being an accident letter. If your child has a ‘bump’ at school, this will be recorded on a yellow piece of paper and put in their book bag so please check your child’s book bag daily. You will only receive a phone call if your child’s injury is more serious.


As your child starts to learn to read, we’ll also be putting reading books and reading records in their book bag. We will write in their reading record and encourage you to do so at home. We’ll be inviting you in to talk about this as we get started.


From time-to-time, we may also send information via your child’s book bag, so please keep checking.


Evidence Me

To see what your child is doing day-to-day at school we will share your child’s learning journey using an App called Evidence.Me. You can keep up to date with your child’s learning and progress and add ‘wow’ moments from home.


You will receive a paper permission form to complete for this. Once parents have provided us with an email address, we will contact you with your log on details.


Parent Workshops

Throughout the year, we will be inviting you to a series of workshop sessions for you to discover what and how your child is learning. In some of these workshops you will be working with your child, others will be more fact finding with just the teachers.

Workshops we ran last academic year included:

  • Reading  - how is your child learning to read and write using phonics (Autumn Term)

  • Phonics - take part in a Phonics session with your child (Autumn Term)

  • Maths - working with your child on Maths activities (Spring Term)

  • Transition into Year 1  (Summer Term)


Parents Evenings

You will be invited to two parents evening sessions throughout the year. These usually take place in the Autumn and Spring terms. We will discuss how your child is getting on at school and what we’re focusing on next.

Please do not wait until parents evening if you have something you’re worried about. We’re happy to meet with you after school. Just contact us to arrange a time.


School Reports

Towards the end of the Summer term, you will receive a written report on your child’s progress throughout the year. For more information on what your child will be learning, please see: