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Click here to see the questions you asked in the zoom meeting last week.

These are the questions you wanted answering about rainforests.  Hopefully you have begun thinking about the answer to question 9 already.  Have you found the answer to any of the other questions?  If you have, please email them to us and we can start to add them.  If you have any other questions you would like answering, then you could send those too!


1. Are there any animals in the rainforest in need of help?  (endangered)

2. How old can trees get?

3. What do 8 year olds do in the rainforest?

4. Is photosynthesis different in the rainforest because of all the trees?

5. Do you like the topic or not?

6. How many bulldozers will it take to destroy the rainforest?

7. How many species of animal can live in a rainforest over 10 years?

8. How old is the rainforest?

9. What type of animals live in the rainforest?

10. How many varieties of cat live in the rainforest?

11. What is the most dangerous animal in the rainforest?

12. Are there any marsupials in the rainforest?