Report an absence: 01904 806635


Why attendance is important

Our approach to maintaining good attendance

We are committed to meeting our obligation with regards to school attendance through our whole-school culture and ethos that values good attendance, including:

  • Promoting and celebrating good attendance.
  • Reducing absence, including persistent and severe absence.
  • Ensuring every pupil has access to the full-time education to which they are entitled.
  • Acting early to address patterns of absence.
  • Building strong relationships with families to ensure pupils have the support in place to attend school.

Regular attendance at school is one of the keys to any child achieving their full potential and we try to encourage this at all times at Scarcroft Primary School.

You can view our Attendance Policy on Our Policies page.

Support with attendance

We work closely with City of York to support students and families, working together to ensure excellent school attendance.

Please do read the Going to School: don’t let your child miss out! leaflet produced by their attendance team that outlines support for families, some useful guidance and advice, and information about the legal framework around school attendance.

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