The school takes its safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously. We understand that it is our duty to keep children safe while they are in our care. Our recruitment processes are rigorous and conform to current recommended guidance to do our utmost to ensure that only those suitable to work with children are employed.

There is a Code of Conduct in place which sets out detailed policies and procedures for staff to follow – these have been put in place to keep everybody safe. Our Child Protection Policy also ensures that where a child makes a disclosure about an event outside school, there are appropriate procedures in place to ensure that action is taken to support the child.

A wide range of additional procedures ensure that children are kept safe:

  • First Aid policy, procedures and training
  • Health & Safety policies and procedures
  • Anti-Bullying policy
  • Race and Disability discrimination policies
  • Fire Safety procedures
  • Behaviour Policy and Playground charter
  • Safe internet use guidance
  • Pupil safety and wellbeing procedures
  • Risk assessments

A wide range of volunteers visit school over the course of a school year. This includes parent volunteers, students, specialist teachers and enrichment providers, to name but a few. In order to ensure that these people are suitable to work with children, enhanced Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) checks are carried out.

If you are a parent at the school and wish to be regularly involved in the activities taking place in school, we recommend that you have a DBS check done as your child starts school. Guidance to support you through the online checking process is obtainable through the school office and checks for parent volunteers are free.