Admission Arrangements 2020/21 entry
Between 08 October and 07 December 2018 all admissions authorities for schools in York jointly conducted a consultation on admission arrangements for the admissions rounds for entry in September 2020.
The closing date for comments was 07 December 2018.  After considering any comments received, the governing body/MAT board will, in its role as an admission authority, then formally set (‘determine’) these arrangements.  This will happen by no later than 28 February 2019. 
Please follow the link below to view our Draft Admissions Policy.  Our published admission number for Reception is 60.
You can also find more documents on the LA website at

Scarcroft is a Primary day school for children aged four to eleven.  The Maximum Admission limit for any year-group varies, in agreement between the school and the City of York Council. However, the maximum total number of pupils in the 5 infant classes is 180 i.e. six classes of 30.  In the infants (Reception to Year 2) there is a legal maximum of 30 pupils in a class. In the junior classes, there is no such legal limit, but governors seek to limit classes to a maximum, in exceptional circumstances, of 34.  

In line with the national guidelines, pupils enter school in the September of the year in which they are five. The majority of our pupils start school full-time in Reception. However, parents do have the right to request a part-time place. Alternatively, Parents may choose to defer their child’s entry, for example, to start school in January, as long as the child is in school by the term following their fifth birthday.  If you believe that your child would benefit from a part-time place or a deferred place, please make an appointment to discuss this with the Headteacher, prior to applying for a place at the school.

Although part of a Multi-Academy Trusty Scarcroft Primary School continues to follow the City of York Admissions Policy and the admissions process is managed by the City or York Council’s Admissions Department. This means that Scarcroft Primary School normally takes children who live in the school’s catchment area.  There may occasionally be times when this leaves the school with spare places – under these circumstances it may be possible for pupils who live outside the catchment area to gain a place. In the event of the school being over-subscribed, the City of York Council will allocate places according to its Admission criteria (see CYC Admissions Booklet).  Parents who are unable to obtain a place for their child at Scarcroft School have the right to an independent appeal.

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