New Sports Facilities at Millthorpe

New sports facilities at Millthorpe: public consultation

Please support our plans which will benefit Scarcroft Primary School children as well as Millthorpe.

State-of-the-art outdoor sports facilities, including an artificial grass, all-weather, floodlit pitch and new netball/tennis courts, are planned for Millthorpe School.

There has never been a better time to encourage an active lifestyle and to instil a love of sport into the lives of our children and young people.

City of York Council has agreed to fund these facilities, which will include additional car parking on the Millthorpe site. This is to compensate for an expansion of Scarcroft Primary School which currently has limited outdoor space for its children.

Outside school hours, on evenings, at weekends and during the school holidays, the facilities may be booked for community use.

Governors at Millthorpe and Scarcroft, working with PE leaders at both schools and a specialist consultant, have agreed a plan and we now invite comments from parents, pupils and students and our neighbouring community before we submit our planning application.

Your views matter – please take part in our survey here.

You have until 5 February to submit your views.

You are invited to meet governors, staff and the consultants to discuss plans at a drop in event held at both schools, at either venue, any time between 3pm-7pm on Friday 26 January.

Providing planning permission is granted, we would like works to take place during the summer holidays this year so that the new facilities should be available for use from the start of the new school year, in September 2018.


Your questions answered

Below are answers to some of the questions governors are being asked. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as new questions come in.

Why is this happening? Because of growing demand for places, Scarcroft Primary School is being expanded to accommodate an additional 15 pupils per year. Scarcroft is losing part of its car park and there is limited existing outdoor space at the school anyway and so to compensate for the expansion, City of York Council has agreed to fund new sporting and car parking facilities at nearby Millthorpe. Both schools will use the facilities and share the car park. Scarcroft children will also be able to use the new facilities as their ‘home ground’ for their sports fixtures, for the first time.

What are the new facilities? Close to the Nunthorpe Avenue entrance will be a fenced-in all-weather surface; a new 80-space car park on what is currently tennis courts; new fenced-in tennis and netball courts opposite the main house; and a fenced-in floodlit artificial grass pitch, divisible into three separate playing areas, with a sprint track and long jump pit. There are also plans for additional car parking behind the sports hall.

Does this mean there will be no sports played on real grass? No, it means the existing rugby and football pitches will get less use for training purposes and therefore will be kept in a better condition for matches. The new artificial grass pitch can be used all year round.

Won’t the floodlights be a nuisance for residents in houses backing onto Millthorpe? And what about noise and extra traffic? Governors at both Scarcroft and Millthorpe schools have instructed project managers to minimise any inconvenience to residents. Floodlighting will be highly directional on to the playing surfaces and therefore not intrusive. Although we are providing additional car parking, which will help alleviate on-street parking, as we are located in a densely populated area we would expect most community users to be local and we will encourage them to walk or cycle to us. The facilities will close at a reasonable time so as not to disturb residents.

Can individuals and sports clubs use the new facilities outside school hours? Yes. There will be a fee which will be in line with similar facilities provided elsewhere. An online booking system will be implemented and any surplus reinvested in ongoing maintenance of the facilities.

Why is it important to take part in the survey? Although funding is being provided by City of York Council, there is still a consultation and planning application process to complete. Comments, suggestions and observations are all considered, and our plans possibly amended, before the final planning application is submitted. You will then be able to see our final, detailed planning application on the City of York Council website. The schools, as well as the council, need to be satisfied that the facilities meet the approval of the community. It is very important that the survey reflects the views of our community and of our schools and of the children and young people who would use the facilities. You have until 5 February to tell us your views.