Dinner money is £2.45 per day, or £12.25 per week. The school no longer receives cash and therefore dinner money payments should be made via the Parentpay website.

The school doors open at 8:40am and the teachers are outside to welcome the children on the playground. The children line up with their teacher. 

Any child arriving after 8:50 is classed as late and will require a late pass from the office.



Reception & Year 1 Scarcroft Green (Courtyard doors)
Year 2 (CC / LM) Playground Steps (Scarcroft Green end)
Year 2 (PR) Playground Steps (Next to the coloured benches)
Year 3 & 4 Playground Steps (next to coloured benches)
Year 5 & 6 Scarcroft Green Courtyard – Yellow Door


We sell new and nearly new:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Cardigans
  • Polo T Shirts
  • Shirts
  • PE T shirts
  • Plimsoles
  • Book bags
  • PE bags
  • Water bottles

Holidays taken in term-time are only granted under exceptional circumstances. Please collect a ‘Leave of absence’ form from the dispenser in the front entrance, which will explain your entitlement in more detail. The request needs to be made as much in advance as possible.

Click here for a Holiday Form

There is no longer any entitlement to time out of school in term-time. Any request made should relate to exceptional circumstances and the length of any absence request should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Click here for a Holiday Form

There is an expectation that schools will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice in such cases. This equates to £60 per parent, per child. If the fine is not paid within 28 days, it doubles in size. The fine is paid to the Local Authority and not to the school.

Click here for a Holiday Form

Talk in the first instance to your child’s class teacher to discuss your concerns and establish if bulliyng is taking place. If bullying recurs then the Headteacher will want to be informed. Please talk to us as soon as you are concerned. We take bullying very seriously. We have an anti-bullying policy that we’re happy to talk parents through.

Parking spaces are limited at drop off and pick up times. Parents are not allowed to park during the day. We encourage children to walk or cycle to school.

Children in Years 5 & 6 can cycle to school by themselves, as long as school is informed by letter that their parents are happy to take responsibility for both their child and their bike.

The school provides a bike rails in the courtyard, which can be used to secure the bike, but it cannot accept responsibility for theft.

Children in Years 5 & 6 may walk to school alone, but Infants (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) must be accompanied by an adult.

In Years 3 & 4 it is at parents' discretion wherever they come by themselves, although we recommend that children must be collected by an adult at the end of the school day or from any after school clubs.

All children are different but general guidance would be:

  • 1 round of sandwiches
  • 1 piece of fruit/ chopped vegetable
  • 1 drink
  • 1 yoghurt/jelly
  • 1 savoury snack

We prefer children not to bring sweets or bars of chocolate, although a sweet biscuit is perfectly acceptable.

The Government is currently providing a free hot school meal for all infant children  (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). We encourage your family to take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Pupils in their first few weeks at school are given additional support to help them manage the collection of their hot meal.

From year 3 upwards it is at your discretion as to whether or not your child has a school dinner. 

School dinners must be paid for via ParentPay. In additon we run an online ordering system. You must order your child's dinners one week in advance, choosing from a selection of home made meals. This is again done via ParentPay.

We strongly advise that all items of clothing are clearly named. If you have lost an item the lost property is located on the red staircase and is accessed via a key pad. Please ask at the desk for the code. Lost Property is emptied in July each year.

The two closest secondary schools are Millthorpe and All Saints. The transfer process begins in Year 6. If you have specific questions please contact the School Admissions office on 01904 551554.

Your child will start Primary School in the year in which they have their 5th birthday. Some will start only one month after they have their 4th birthday.

If you have any queries please contact our Business Manager on 01904 653569.

We do not send out paper copies of letters – please let our office staff have your email address.

We strongly advise that no expensive items are ever brought in from home. Children in the Infants are encouraged to bring items of special significance to them for our show and tell sessions once per term. There is no need to bring equipment for playtime as this is provided by the school.

The best time to talk to the class teacher is on the playground at the beginning of the day. If you need a longer chat you can make an appointment with the teacher or alternatively contact the office.