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Mrs Pagan's Class


We have made our classroom into Viking Long Ships. 

Building and Sailing

Building and Sailing  1
Building and Sailing  2
Building and Sailing  3
Building and Sailing  4
Building and Sailing  5

Poetry Week

For the last week of Spring Term we are having a poetry week. We launched it by creating some 'Book Spine Poems' in the library. We took photos of the results and copied them into our poetry books.

Oi Class!

We also wrote some rhymes based on the 'Oi Frog' series of books by Kes Gray & Jim Field.


Some of our favourites were:


Sophie sits on a trophy

Maya sits on a fire

Matthew James sits on flames

Daniel sits on a cocker spaniel

Tommy sits on a pommy

Will sits on a hill

Will sits on a windowsill

Olivia Mae sits on hay

Amelia Eva sits on a beaver

Tristan sits on a piston

Mila sits on tequila

Mrs Pagan sits in Copenhagen

Molly sits in a trolley

Lilly sits on a chilli

Anna CP sits on a pea

Anna sits on a spanner

Croft sits in a loft


We looked at how Stonehenge was built and its cultural significance. We then worked in groups to make Stonehenge out of a variety of materials including Lego, wooden blocks and biscuits!

Stonehenge sculptures