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Mrs Holton/ Mrs Furtado-Morris' Class

Welcome to our class!

Welcome to our class! 1 Mrs Holton
Welcome to our class! 2 Mrs Morris

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our class teacher is Mrs Holton and on Thursday and Friday our class teacher is Mrs Morris.

Summer Term 2019


This term our topic is Plants. We have been busy planting in our classroom and are growing Marigolds. We have also each planted a mystery seed. It could be a sunflower, sweetcorn, radish or a nasturtium. We will have to wait and see!

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Henri Matisse

We have also been learning about the work of Henri Matisse. He used paper and scissors to create some of his most famous work. He inspired us to have a go at 'painting with scissors'.

Spring Term 2019

Spring Term 2019 1 Eagle Owl
During the Spring Term our topic is Day and Night. We have been learning about nocturnal animals. We began out topic with a visit from Owl Adventures. We have made animal puppets and painted Barn Owls. Here is some of our work. 
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Visit to Askham Bryan Wildlife Park on Thursday 21st March 2019