Our Governors

If you wish to contact the Governors, please email scarcroft.primary@york.gov.uk in the first instance, making your subject header clear that you wish to contact the Chair of Governors. Your email will then be forwarded on receipt. Alternativly, you may hand a letter to the school office marked 'For the Attention of: Chair of Governors' and this will be delivered as soon as possible.

The current composition of the school’s Governing Body is 18 members: 

  • One Headteacher
  • One elected Staff Governor
  • One LA Governor
  • Three elected Parent Governors
  • Twelve Co-opted Governors

Apart from the Headteacher, all governors are volunteers. Parent governors are elected by the parent body; local authority governors are selected by the City of York Council, staff governors are elected by the staff (with the exception of the Headteacher), and community governors are nominated by governors and approved by the full Governing Body. Each post is held for a maximum of four years, at which point a governor must stand for re-election.

The position of Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors is elected by the full Governing Body at the start of each school year in September. These roles are re-elected each year.

The Governing Body delegates the everyday management of the school in its entirety to the Headteacher, including its discipline, the well-being of staff and pupils and the organisation of classes, teaching and the curriculum.

The Governing Body is responsible for the strategic planning of the school, the budget, staffing and legislative responsibilities. The Governing Body works closely with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that Scarcroft School is an effective and successful school for the children.

All Governors are asked to fill in a ‘Declaration of interests’ form annually. This provides us with a ‘Register of interests’, maintained by the Clerk. This will be used to ensure that Governors declare an interest, where appropriate, if an item under discussion relates directly to their business, personal or family interests. An opportunity to declare a conflict of interest is provided on the agenda of every Full Governing Body meeting and every Committee meeting.


The different types of Governors

All governors have equal status.  Although governors are appointed and elected by different groups, their central concern is the welfare of the school as a whole.


Parent Governors

It is important to remember that each parent governor is “a representative parent, but not a parent representative.” In other words, a parent governor has a role in sharing views and concerns that they hold as a parent, and yet remaining independent of the other parents that they represent. It is important that parents of children at the school use the appropriate channels to voice any concerns (i.e. to talk to the class teacher or the Head) rather than expecting a parent governor to take their views to a Governing Body meeting. If their concerns are not met by these usual means, they have the right to put their views to the Governing Body, but this should be done in writing via the Chair.


LA and Community Governors

Any individual can approach the LA to offer to act as a school governor. They may, or may not, have a political affiliation. They will be allocated a place in a school where there is a vacancy, which may be a school where they have indicated an interest. The Governing Body may approach any member of the local community whom they feel has relevant skills or interests to act as a Community Governor. In the case of LA and Community governors, the individual governor has a responsibility, working alongside other members of the governing body, to the staff and pupils of the school and to the school’s wider community. It is important to remember that although a governor may represent the LA, belong to a particular political party or work at a particular company, s/he does not represent that group.


Our Governors

NAME               TYPE               TERM OF OFFICE       
Paul Edwards Headteacher 01/09/2018 - Ongoing
Mrs Alison Dennis Staff Elected  01/10/2016 - 30/09/2020
Cllr Jonny Crawshaw Parent Elected 23/09/2016 - 22/09/2020
Mrs Sapna Fitzgerald Parent Elected 18/09/2015 - 17/09/2019
Mrs Ruth Wanless Co-opted Staff 28/01/2015 - 27/01/2019
Mrs Jennifer Holton Co-opted Staff 28/01/2015 - 27/01/2019
Mr Nick How  Community Co-opted 09/10/2017 - 08/10/2021
Mr Samuel Healy Parent Co-opted 08/02/2017 - 07/02/2021
David Roswell (Vice Chair) Community Co-opted 21/03/2018 - 20/03/2022
Phil Cooke Community Co-opted 21/03/2018 - 20/03/2022
Connie Cullen (Chair) Community Co-opted 21/03/2018 - 20/03/2022
Becca Welch Community Co-opted 20/06/2018 - 19/06/2022
Ms Debra Wilcock Clerk to Governors Appointed: September 2017

The contact details for the Clerk to the Governors are:

Debra Wilcock - 01904 554210 - debra.wilcock@york.gov.uk

Connie Cullen is the Chair of Governors and she can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors

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